Bikes or no bikes? E-Scooter?

To bike or not to bike, that is the question

Of all the extras we provide the bicycles are our favorite. All clients confirm, upon return, that they were very happy to have taken bikes with them. It gives you more freedom and more variation on your holidays. If you can't or don't want to go into that little village or town with your motorhome you can still do it by bike and that's a major plus. Spain has got a lot of natural beauty that is best and nicest explored by bike and you'll be all set for that early morning short ride to the local bakery for your freshly baked Pan Frances. And we have yet another reason to recommend: 


We are talking about ex railroad tracks now converted into bicycle/walking paths. Little known to foreigners these are truly hidden gems. In our modest opinion they could well be the main focus of any motorhome/biking/walking vacation. Since they were once railways they are flat and even they are ideal of all kinds of users, adults, children and the elderly and disabled too. Motorized traffic is not allowed and they meander through tranquil parts of the country far away from the bustle of highways and cities. Vias verdes are easily accessible where the railway stations used to be and are well maintained by the authorities.

Bot Train Station

 The old train station of Bot, Via Verde -- promo video Vias Verdes

In mountainous areas there's lot of tunnels and the surroundigs are spectacular. Vias Verdes are dotted with equipped picnic spots and resting places.The old railway stations that you will find along the route are sometimes in disrepair, sometimes restored and converted into a restaurant, information office, bar or even a small museum. In any case they are picturesque reminders of Spains vast railway heritage. Many of these station will lure you into staying over for the night. Quite a place to stay! 

PANO_20171207_142445 1200w.jpg

 The short but oh so pretty  Via Verde del Mar at the coast near Castellon

 Download the Vias Verdes PDF leaflet in English

What kind of bikes?

Our bikes are Dutch style 28 inch city bikes. In most cases with 7, sometimes with 3 gears. We provide you with a lock, a pump and a tool to adjust seat and handle bars. We also have 20 and 24 inch mountainbikes for the children. Upon reservation there's no need to decide yet about the bikes but please let us know at least one week in advance so that we can plan accordingly. 

Bici 2 200W.jpgbici1 200w.jpgebike 200w.jpg

Helmets obligatory?

The discussion about helmet obligation is still ongoing in Spain. The way it stands now is that outside cities and villages all ages should wear a helmet. In rural areas you only need to if you're under 16 years of age. That said, hardly any of our clients ever wears a helmet (for being dutch ;-) and none of them has ever returned with a fine. If you're not dutch then you may want to take one along. 

 Child Bike Seat

Want to take the youngest of the family along? No problem. We have child bike seats for hire as well. Safe and easy to mount and unmount. 

 seat 100W.jpg

New New New: The ultra hip Electric Scooter

They've been a la mode for some time now in Spain and rightly so. The electric scooter is eco, light, foldable, handy, fast, you can take them on public transport and it fits in any motorhome or van. Also it is 100% legal in Spain. The max speed  is 25 km/hr and the range is 30 km if we are to believe the specsheet. So we think it's a perfect solution if you can't or don't want to bring bikes along or if you just want to try them out. 

On a camper trip they come in very handy for a quick trip to the bakery for a pan de pueblo, a nightly outing to the beach, a trip around the lake, a bit of Via Verd, up the mountain to the castle, downt to the museum or going clubbing (mind the way back ;-). You can do all that and more and it's garanteed to make your holidays more varied and more fun. Don't be afraid of not being able to manage this little vehicle. If you are in normal, good shape legwise then you will have it mastered in under two minutes. No worries  

Electrische step Xiaomi 200x200

Xiaomi E step 200W


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