How to book

Get things done

  1. Pick your favorite motorhome for the Motorhome page and add the dates
  2. Fill out your details
  3. Ask to be sent an offer (you are not paying yet)
  4. By email we get back to you with a price and confirmation of availability
  5. Now you can find a matching flight. Dates can still be adjusted
  6. Let us know the definitive dates
  7. We'll reserve your motorhome temporarily and confirm this by email
  8. In the same mail you'll recieve the instructions for a 30% down payment
  9. Now you can book your flights and transfer the deposit at the same time
  10. We receive your deposit (two or three working days) and your reservation is made definite
  11. This will again be confirmed by email and you will be sent the rental contract

The motorhome has now been reserved on your name. The extra's that you would want can still be modified or added up to one week before departure. Some time before your rental you will be sent instructions on how to pay the remainder of the rental and the deductable. You're all set now. 


  • Since you can do the pickup and drop off on any working day there's no need to hire by multiples of 7 days. This gives you more liberty in choosing a matching and cheap flight; flying in the middle of the week is cheaper than flying in and around the weekend. Use this to your advantage. 
  • The Hymer motorhome can be picked up and dropped off on any day. All other motorhomes on any Spanish working day. If for some reason you would want to pick up of drop off on any other day than that can also be done. We will pick up the motorhome for you a day earlier and deliver it to you the next day. Same goes for the drop off. The extra days of rental will of course be charged.

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