Small print and pricing system

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Prices per night and category Incl VAT


These prices are indicative and mostly higher than the final offer. Thus we recommend you to always request a quote. No strings attached. That way we will send you our best price with all special deals and offers included.






OC 6P G Hymer  68 79 87 104
CV 4P Roller Team 81 97 119 143
LP 4/5P G 89 106 131 157
CV PT 2P  69  81  98  126
CV PT 2+2P 81 92 100 128
CV PT 4P 86 98 115 131
CV 2+1P  83  99  121  145
CV 4P  83 99  121  145
CV 4P Plus 83  99  121  145
LP 4P G Comp  97  120  144  186
LP 4/5P  98 132 172 206
LP 4/5P G 98  132  172  206
LP 4/6P BB 98  132  172  206
LP 4/7P BB DD 98 132 172 206
OC 4/6P G  98  132  172  206
OC 4/5P BB DD 98 132 172 206
OC 4/7P BB DD  115  138  178  217
LP 4/5P G Luxe  115  138  178  217
AC 3P Premium 126 149 189 224
AC 4P G Luxe+  126  149  189  224
AC 4/6P BB Luxe+  126  149  189  224
AC 4/5P G Luxe+ 132 161 201 235
AC 4P Premium  143  166  207  241

Early pickup/
Late dropoff

€ 0 50% 60% 70%
= our best price offers + pickup and dropoff on any day and kitchen equipment comes included
P Person   AC A-Class    BB BunkBeds
CV    CamperVan G Garage  DD Double Dinette
LP Low-Profile    PT Pop Top Van Plus   Luxurious, high roof for extra headroom
OC OverCab  Comp    Compact Luxe & Luxe Plus    Extra luxurious, Eco cooler or Airco in lving area
Long Rent Discounts
Duration Discount % Discount %
1 - 10 nights 0 %  0 %
11 - 20 nights   6,5 % 5 %
21 - 30 nights 13,5 % 10 %
31 nights and more  20 % 20 %


Promo   Nov-Mar except for long weekends and local holidays  
Low Apr, May, Oct, long weekends and local holidays
Middle  Holy week (not Roller Team and Rimor), 1st of June till 15th of July, September
High 15th of July till end of August


Minimum rental is five days and seven days in high season. For the Hymer, Roller Team and Rimor the minimum in high season is two weeks, exceptions may apply.

Kilometers included

Hymer: 1400 km / week, over that € 0,30 / km . All other motorhomes unlimitied KMs


What's included?

  • Preparation of the vehicle, delivery and reception at the end
  • VAT
  • All risk insurance with 24/7 breakdown service in all of Europe. English spoken
  • A comprehensive explanation in English that you will understand
  • If necessary, you can park your car for the duration of the rental
  • At least one full gas cylinder and a second with random content
  • Water hose to fill your tank
  • Electricity cable to connect to 220V when camping
  • Kitchen equipment in the case of Hymer, Rimor and Roller Team

Insurance and deductible

All campers are All-risk insured. This is a standard insurance policy with coverage for comercial rentals with a deductable of € 700 per case and per side of the vehicle. This € 700 is also the deposit you pay when the motorhome is issued. The first € 700 in damage will thus be recovered from the deposit. The insurance takes over any damage above the € 700. This concerns damage that you caused yourself but also damage caused by anything or anyone else without you knowing who or what it was. In case of damage by third parties that you know you will need to complete the european claim form. In this case, the damage will of course be borne by our third-party liability insurance. Damage that you yourself cause to third parties is always covered by the third party insurance and is therefore not charged from your deposit. In the end this is an insurance with the normal rules and regulations that apply to any normal car hire. 

Our insurance requires that the driver be no younger than 24 and has been in possession of the B driving license for at least 3 years.

The push bikes and E-bikeshave a separate deposit of € 150 / bike.

If no damage has occured during the rental, the deposit will be paid back on the spot in almost all cases. If there is damage, the full deposit will be retained until a quotation is made. Once known, the deposit or the remainder of it will be refunded. This can take up to a month.


If the rental is canceled for any reason whatsoever by the customer, the following rules apply:

  • more than 30 days before pick up; return of 50% of the rent
  • between 30 and 16 days before pick up: refund of 20% of the rent
  • less than 16 days before pick up: 0% refund of the rent

Pick up and drop off

The Hymer, Roller Team and Rimor can be picked up at any day and any time. For the motorhomes of our colleagues the following applies: Pick up is normally at 16.30 in the afternoon. Drop offs should be done around 10.30 in the morning. Early pick up and late return can be ticked as an extra in the options list. We will then let you know what the price is. Please note that early delivery can not take place on Mondays and on the first working day after a public holiday. The same applies, of course, for late drop offs on Fridays and other days just before a public holiday.

We have a full-full fuel policy. We deliver with a full tank and drop off should be done with a full tank. If not, € 15, - plus the fuel costs will be charged. The toilet cassette and the grey water tank must be empty and clean. If not, € 100 will be charged. The living area should be broom clean. There's no need to wash the outside of the motorhome.

Changing the drop off to a later date and/or time can only be done with our explicit consent in writing. This permission must be applied and approved for at least 3 days in advance. Without this permission, the triple day rate will be charged for every day.

Later pickup or earlier drop off does in no case entitle for a refund.

The payment of all sums and the signing of the rental contract must be done before the camper is released.

The lessor reserves the right to replace the reserved camper by another camper of the same category and / or number of places or from a higher category.

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